I Love You In Spanish (Spanish Language In Love)

How To Say I Love You In Spanish:

You can say many things to your loved one in different way using Spanish Language. Here we will teach you to say special words like i love you in spanish so you can impress your partner.

I Love You In Spanish (Spanish Language In Love)

Te Amo

In the bellow mention table you will be able to speak Spanish sentences easily, we have covered almost every words used in love in Spanish Language.

After reading this table you will learn many Spanish Language sentences like….

– How to say i love you in Spanish
– How to say i miss you in Spanish 
– how to say i need you in Spanish
– How to say you are my everything in Spanish
– How to say you are my world in Spanish
And Many More…
So lets get started
                     ENGLISH                        SPANISH
I love youte amo
I miss youTe echo de menos
I need youTe necesito
You are my everythingEres mi todo
You are my lifeEres mi vida
My loveMi amor
Good night my loveBuenas noches mi amor
I will marry you soonMe casare contigo pronto
Will you marry meTe casarías conmigo
I need your hugnecesito tu abrazo
I want to kiss youquiero besarte
I really proud to have you in my lifeRealmente orgulloso de tenerte en mi vida
I can’t live without youNo puedo vivir sin ti
I miss you badlyte extraño mucho
You teach me how to loveMe enseñas a amar
You are best husband in the worldEres el mejor marido del mundo.
You are best wife in the worldEres la mejor esposa del mundo.
I want to lick youquiero lamerte
You are what i need in my lifeEres lo que necesito en mi vida
I never loved anyone as much as i loved youNunca amé a nadie tanto como te amé a ti
I hate being away from youOdio estar lejos de ti
You are my kind of perfectEres mi tipo de perfecto
Your voice is my favourite soundTu voz es mi sonido favorito.
I want a new life and i want it with youQuiero una nueva vida y la quiero contigo
I want youte deseo
Baby, all i need is youBebe, todo lo que necesito eres tu
My favourite place is inside your hugMi lugar favorito es dentro de tu abrazo
I am so ready for our future togetherEstoy tan lista para nuestro futuro juntos
I want all of my lasts to be with youQuiero que todos mis últimos estén contigo
I am so in love with every little thing about youEstoy tan enamorada de cada pequeña cosa sobre ti
I am all yours, forever and alwaysSoy toda tuya, por siempre y siempre.
It doesn’t matter where i am, i am yoursNo importa donde esté, soy tuyo.
You don’t cross my mind, you live in itNo cruzas mi mente, vives en ella.
My heart is and always will be, yoursMi corazón es y siempre será, el tuyo.
I am crazy about youestoy loco por ti
You have no idea how much i care about youNo tienes idea de cuánto me importas.
My favourite part of the day is when i get to talk to youMi parte favorita del día es cuando puedo hablar contigo
I miss you, and its killing meTe extraño y me esta matando
I see my future in ni one else but youVeo mi futuro en nadie más, pero tú.
You are all my heart ever talk aboutEres todo lo que mi corazón habla
I need you because i love youTe necesito porque te amo
I don’t care how complicated this gets, i still want youNo me importa lo complicado que se vuelve esto, todavía te quiero
I love being yoursMe encanta ser tuyo
I will be here for you, alwaysEstaré aquí para ti, siempre.
Cuddling with you would be perfect right nowAbrazarte contigo sería perfecto ahora mismo
Being with you is what i call happinessEstar contigo es lo que llamo felicidad.
Thank you for the reason i smileGracias por la razón que sonrío
With you, its differentCon ustedes es diferente
You mean more to me than you’ll ever knowSignificas más para mí de lo que nunca sabrás
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