Different Ways To Say Yes In Spanish

How To Say Yes In Spanish

Different Ways To Say Yes In Spanish

Saying yes means you are agree to someone’s thought or question. You may say yes in Spanish in too many ways just instead of sí…Here I will teach you to say yes in different ways, and it is so important to learn, because in every situation we can’t say yes in same way.

There are too many ways to say yes like…

  • Yes
  • Yes, of course
  • Why not
  • Yeah sure
Different Ways To Say Yes In Spanish

Through above example you can imagine that there are lot of way to say yes in Spanish, that’s why we prepared a table for you to learn how to say yes in different ways.
English                                           Spanish                                               
Yes I would like itSi me gustaria
No problemNo hay problema
Yes of coursesí, por supuesto
Yes, sureSi seguro
You got itLo tienes
Yes babysi bebe
Oh yes babyOh sí bebé
Yes darlingsi cariño
Why not babyPor qué no bebé
Of course babyPor supuesto bebé
Hmm yeahHmm si
Yes brosi hermano

If still there are any doubts in your mind, then you can watch this video to understand very deeply on how to agree with someone in spanish 

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